An Insight into Jewellery Artisan Alexandra da Fonseca-Klein's talent- 'You can actually be very personal with what you make'-

When I met Alexandra da Fonseca-Klein, I was instantly captured by the passion she expressed towards her craft, the precision in her methods and deep interest she expressed in preserving nature in forms of jewellery. 'These are not factory made products, so you can actually be very personal with what you make and you have an influence on all the development' she said as she delicately held up a beautiful engagement ring she was working on for one of her clients. In her presence I felt that I could learn so much, not only that, but her willingness to help me understand the methods of creating jewellery  and attitude towards preserving natural beauty, instantly convinced me that she was the right person to create me a handmade piece.

Alex is precise and in this precision she creates unique pieces that almost defy the trend- rather than boasting about the prettiest item, she raises the aesthetics of a more neglected semi-precious stone or metal by enhancing it's own natural beauty.

When looking through some of her work, she explained that there's a 'history in a stone's raw form', especially as their 'flaws and inclusions make them so unique and beautiful'.  I loved this approach and would describe Alex's style as intricate, especially in preserving the items she naturally casts from- often delicate twigs and other earthy materials.

Alex made me understand that where jewellery is concerned, we are endlessly searching for perfection which sometimes leads to us denying  'the purity found in natural beauty'. There's is definitely a subtle beauty in natural items and casting them in jewellery enhances that immensely. So it's only natural that I was delighted when Alex agreed that she could create me a name necklace in the ancient Gee'z alphabet.

You should check her work out on her Instagram page @adfkjewellery 





December 05, 2017 — meheret asfaha


Deeqa ali amir

Deeqa ali amir said:

I can’t wait to wear them.

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