Melkam Addis Amet!-New Habits for the New Year

Happy New Year to all our sisters. Enkutatash, the Ethiopian and Eritrean New Year is also known as Gift of Jewel. The new year signifies a moment of reflection, so we want you to look in the mirror and smile at who you see but also look within you and do what it takes to be your own kind of beautiful. Here at Adorn Abyssinia we want the woman to feel empowered. We want to encourage you to feel the potency that you hold. To wear unique pieces that express your individuality and creativity is great, but we must also adorn our mind and our behaviors to be our own kind of beautiful. Therefore, based on most Instagram requests we have decided to share three things we will practice more of for this new year:

1) More Compassion and Empathy:

You show compassion and empathy and understanding towards someone else’s needs. We have seen beautiful souls show so much compassion to everyone but themselves. Seen women keep faith in the most broken people they meet but lose faith in themselves and their judgment. One of the hardest tests in life is staying positive, not only about what we see around us but also what we feel inside of us. We sometimes have our own demons to fight.  

Our insecurities, doubts, and fears stem from things like rejection, loss, disapproval and harsh criticisms. Society, our upbringing and the environment around us have set ideas and standards we feel pressured to follow. Don’t fit into that mold, create your own. When you look in the mirror and see your unique self, appreciate that you were made perfectly in proportion in your mothers’ womb. You were born with love and only learned the negative through the challenges the world made you face. Dig deep and work towards being the best version of yourself. When something does not go your way, step back and be grateful that you have the capability to recognize the wrong. Be grateful that you can make the correct judgment for the future. When you are full, you are able to be compassionate and empathetic. 

2) Forgiveness:

This is something very important. Learn to forgive yourself and don’t criticise yourself harshly. You are also human, you make mistakes and most of all you are worthy of love. Forgiveness is the best remedy when trying to move towards your growth. Forgiving liberates you, and it removes fear and it is extremely powerful in setting yourself free from anything that has ever caused you pain. When you hold on to mistakes; whether yours or someone else’s you breed resentment and anger which eventually becomes a negative cycle. For your own growth and positive mindset practice more forgiveness. Extract yourself from a mess through forgiveness and move forward with better intentions. 

3) Constancy and Gratitude:

By this, we mean that often, as a young female you learn to succumb to social pressures regarding our body, how to act and what constitutes as respectable behaviour. We need to find a constant because if our inner state is dependant on something that is inconstant, whether it is a person, social status, position etc. our inner state will also be fluctuating. If we depend on something changing or temporary our inner state will be in a state of instability, agitation, and unrest. As soon that of which our happiness depended upon changes? Our happiness also changes. We become sad.

Therefore, we need a constant, and we believe that this constancy comes from practicing gratitude. Every day, be grateful for the friendships you have built, your family, and all your achievements. Be grateful that you have a family, that you can hug and kiss them. Feel grateful that you are free. Feel grateful that you have the talents and intelligence to continually grow.

Leave behind any crippling old habits and start to slowly implement the above. Most importantly sis, remember that you are always radiant, beautiful and powerful. Take care of yourself in mind, body, and spirit and look ahead with a boss-lady attitude. 

We’ve kept this post short and simple. Alongside our fashion posts you guys have voted for, we will do a Self-care Sundays series.  Comment your thoughts below. We appreciate your time. 

September 11, 2018 — meheret asfaha

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