Are you looking for unique jewellery designs to express your individuality?


Here at Adorn Abyssinia, we invite you to celebrate and wear East African jewellery, particularly pieces from Eritrean and Ethiopian culture. Abyssinia is timeless, it represents unification. With this, we believe that Adorn Abyssinia unifies the traditional jewellery that was worn by generations of Abyssinian women with modern day fashion. Essentially with the handmade custom jewellery and the readily available pieces, Adorn Abyssinia provides modern and traditional pieces for day to day self-expression and celebration. 

Our location is in London, UK. The weather is actually not as bad as many people think, and yes we do like our tea. We've tried to answer most questions on our FAQs page. If we've missed anything out please don’t feel shy to contact us on with any questions, concerns and feedback! Alternatively, feel free to DM us on all the social media platforms below.