Your jewellery is delicate and precious. We believe that taking care of your jewellery is important so here are some helpful tips to preserve the quality of your item(s):
  1. Store your jewellery safely: We disclose your jewellery in its own box so that you always have the option of using it as storage for your jewellery after use. This will prevent chains from tangling, scratches from forming on surfaces and generally keep it dust free.  
  2. Keep your jewellery away from chemicals: chemicals are your jewellery's number one enemy. Contact with chemicals can damage and harm precious metals and gems. Some examples of day to day chemicals are perfume, lotion, hairspray and various other cosmetics. Generally Keep your jewellery away from such liquids. Even water can interfere with the quality of your piece so be careful.
  3. Do not Sleep in the Jewellery: Again this can cause the quality of your piece to diminish, chains to get tangled and other small damage in the long run.
  4. Prevent contact with excessive heat and light: This is especially the case with gemstones. Excessive heat can actually damage the quality, durability and colour of the stone.