The Concept

The concept of Adorn Abyssinia came to me one afternoon when my grandmother and I were rummaging through her endless Jewellery compartments. As we were looking through, she would show me her many handmade vintage pendants, earrings and the many rings with great longing and nostalgia. With each piece she had a story to tell, and each story was more nostalgic than the other and that’s when the idea sparked.

The Vision

Adorn Abyssinia is a celebration of Eritrean and Ethiopian body adornments. Abyssinia Is timeless, it represents unification. With this, I believe that AdornAbyssinia unifies the traditional jewellery that was worn by generations of habesha with the modern. Essentially with the handmade custom jewellery and the readily available pieces, AdornAbyssinia provides modern and traditional jewellery to make everyday a celebration of Abyssinian Culture.