East African female names are a link to our ancestors.

Hello my lovelies, 

A moment that stuck with me was when on my first day of University, my flatmate confidently announced to me that she had figured out a way to pronounce my name.  She looked at me straight in the eye and said , 'I know, it's like this my...hair...it...myhairit'. Part of me cringed, but that wasn't the first time my name was remixed into something like that.

Looking back, I have always been fascinated with the meaning of names, especially African names. I don't know, I feel like the meaning of a name has some sort of link with someone's personality and roots. You see as young East African living in Europe, a lot of people just couldn't pronounce my name- almost to the extent that nicknames and made-up names were easier: ' Maria, Muna, Mary', all three names I'd answer to.

The struggle during my school years went from 0-100 real quick boy! Every register was in alphabetical order by surname, meaning that my name, Meheret A, was always almost first. So every time, my teacher would mispronounce it and after she tried 2-3 times, she'd ask me to correct her - which I did- she would then add 'that's a nice name Meriet, what does it mean?' I wouldn't know what to say to her so the child me would make up a meaning. 

That's when I asked my nonna what it actually meant.  My grandmother would say ' Meheret,  it's recognized back home as mercy and forgiveness, its special'.  Since then started to feel the uniqueness of my name, I took pride in knowing this and I started to correct people and when they asked the meaning, I'd tell them proudly. I stopped responding to easy westernized nicknames. 

So as AdornAbyssinia is a celebration of what our ancestors wore generation after generation, you'll notice that my jewellery is named after East African and Habesha female names. Some may be hard to pronounce, other's you may recognize, the point is they're a celebration of womanhood and African identity. All of the suggestions below have been contributed by supporters on Instagram. Have a look at their meanings perhaps.  I have tagged the users next to the names. So please, feel free to continue contributing and sending names you hold to your heart and we will keep celebrating them through our jewellery :  

Nebiyat: @queensheba_
Senait: @hannah.weldy
Arsema: @plot_twist_Im_batman
Beza: @kaianerhas
Helen: @semira2
Mebrat: @hld_dania
Lamlam: @hld_dania
Waris: @leyladegan

Aynalem: @sistertenaye
Miraf: @curlsandwraps



July 02, 2017 — meheret asfaha

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